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Through time I don't believe to have wanted to or have grown up. I like having fun and You know what's Great for do that, that's right toys. These are just some of my new ones. Most of my friends know these and have there own memories of them. So have fun and enjoy my toy museum.

The first toy is one that I got in Florida. It shoots balls of Air you can't stop a ball of fricking air.

The second toy is also from Florida. This claw is a boat load of fun. It extends retracts and pinches and even lights up.

The car from back to the future. This is an exact 1-16 inch model of the time machine. Its cool its wheel fold up and everything. perfect companion while watching the movie.

This one actually very new. Unless you went to braums Good-bye brunch you haven't seen this one. Its a good gun not quite as fun as the air gun cause you have to pick stuff up but fun nonetheless.

What can be said about my light sabers,well a lot but im not gonna bore you with it.This is one of each of the kind I own I have about five or six.Lets fight!

Dude this thing is awsome!Its some part to my dads grill but for me its just a bitchin new toy!

Thats it my new toys if I get new ones I will be sure to post em.