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OMFG A Pope HAt!!

Ever just sit around and wonder about being Pope.I do Just for his cool hat.But now i dont have 2 be pope i can make his hat out of paper.

How to Make a Pope hat

Step 1:Grab the paper and fold it widthwise or Hamburger style.

Step 2:Fold the two top corners of the folded side so they meet in the middle,just like you’re making a paper airplane.You may want 2 keep a tad of space as it looks better in the end.

Step 3:Fold the bottom flap (only the one closest to you) in half, then fold the flap up over the hat.(make sure its only one half of the paper.

Step 4:Turn the paper over and fold the flaps on the sides toward the middle.Folding a little extra makes it more like a pope hat than a sailors hat.and believe me unless your my cat steve this is not going 2 fit your head.

Step 5:Fold bottom corners in.There is a lot more space than in the drawing.

Step 6:Fold the bottom point in half, then up again so that you can tuck the point in behind the band.Make sure you dont close up the hat. There are two sides.

Step 7:Pull the bottom hole open and place the hat on your head. Congratulations, you’re the new leader of the Roman Catholic church!

Seriously dude wear it proud.