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This part of the site is all about me. I know I am a little self centered but screw you too its my web page if you want to get all bitchy about me talking about myself open up your live journal and talk about it. Ok but any way If you came here I think you probably know me if you don't I am not going to lie. I am a little under 5 foot skinny and I have dark brown hair and a shrill voice that.....ohh wait thatís piccolo meanie. I am a big guy about 5 10-11 depending if I am wearing shoe and what tape measure you use. I am what would you say robust. (Itís the best word for fat I could come up with) I am blond and I am funniest person I know. Ohh yeah and I am 17.table>

I have a crazy family consisting of my random diva mother my quiet but weird father my sister who is becoming closer with me as we donít have to spend as much time together, and Jamie what can I say about Jamie that wasnít said about pickles oh yeah he looks like a girl now. Here they are!
Other things I do are play video games and magic cards. I also love playing with my cats there are two of them Steve and Ivan.



Thatís a lot of my life there is more and maybe I will add a section of my friends but that would mean that I have to find Pictures of everyone. So till then thatís all.