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Asherism-noun:word or words from Asher that are unique to him.

Here are the Asherisms we have so far:

2.) ARE YOU CANADIAN?!`(first thing he ever said to Jessie Cogan)
4.) In the garden of eden baby!
5.) Oh no! Does that mean we are getting frisky?
6.) CJ If you love me you will stop using Kraft.
7.) "That sucks Dan. Can she go below deck at least?"*frozen stare from everyone besides Braum, who is trying to stop himself from falling off the chair from laughing*
8.)Yeah Being married to mom would be weird especially the sex.
9.) IM to sexy for my shirt......
10.)Hey are there are any girls coming over?(yes Ahser) I got dibs on one,
11.)Hey Dad do you know what a sausage fest is(no Asher)DO you know why they call it a sausage fest.
12.)Hey CJ what do you call a bunch of girls together a donut fest?
13.)Lets Get Kinky!!!

What will he say next?