THe Amazing WikipediA Game

This is an amazing thing birthed out of the depths of braums dad's house at 2:00 am when we went trying to sign his dad up for Disney porn subscriptions or looking at women eating bananas is the wikipedia game.The wikipedia game is when you go to wikipedia and bring up one random thing and try to get to another random thing the (two things need to be picked before hand), only by clicking on the links on the existing page it is accually quite fun here are a few of the one that we did.
Kermit the frog-CNN-Setember 11 attacks-Terrorism 3 Clicks!!!
Cows-Animal-Clam-Mollusk-Animal Shell 4 Clicks
stapler-Louis XV of France-French Revolution-Roman Chatolic church-Jesus 4 Clicks
Mother Teresa-AIDS-Anal sex-Masturbation-Anal Masturbation 4 clicks
Suicide-Japenese people-United states-Florida-Walt disney world-Walt Disney 5 clicks
Buffalo-Buffalo Boots-Shoe-Shoelaces-Cotton-Yarn-Crochet 6 clicks
George W. bush-Turkey-Turkey (disambiguation)-Animal-Turkey (bird)-Mammal-Odd-toed ungulate-Horse-Ass(donkey) 8 Clicks

You Can Find Wikipedia here.Try it out let me know about your fun times.