The Great prank War


So dates might be screwed up but its all there despite the order.
Chapter 1
OK The Prank War Started One day while I was talking to Sam, Danielle, and Lynn on the Internet. So Danielle says to me we should prank call someone cause we were bored and I was like ok So I IM ed Danielle and was like what's Sam's number. Then I got out my good old friend Sprint rely and called her up, weird enough Sam got kind of scared And good times were had by the rest of us. Then in the middle of the calls Sam started acting really weird back to me and then started to try and say like they were stalking me. Then it turns out Sam was outside my house while somebody was typing for her. So its obvious Danielle tried to turn the prank around on me. I told them that this prank wasn't going to work and told them that if they wanted to play pranks it would be ok with me. I then declared a prank war I gave them all a chance to apologize but none did, thus it was on. I left that night under cover of dark and plastic wrapped Sam's car and covered the windows with ham.

Chapter 2
The next day I was approached by Sam and Danielle to play a character from her movie .I declined because going somewhere with the enemy during war is never a good idea. They come to my house to sign a contract And I nailed them through my dinning room window with a super soaker. I signed the contract and the day goes on. Later that night they forked my lawn, sprayed silly string everywhere and put tons of army men all over my lawn and put a small gnome on my front steps. I couldn't allow them to get me like this with no recourse, so that night I smashed the gnome and put it in a bag, and hung it on Danielle's door knob and used the forks she forked my lawn with to get her back .I then went to Sam's house and set up a rig to drop packing peanuts into her door when opened. Unfortunately it didn't work very well. The next day they showed up at my house wanting their tape back from the other day. I did many things to them this time. I got them with a booby trap I set up with a sprinkler on my front steps .I got them out the window again. I Hit Caroline with a bucket of water when she came to get "the tape" I also lit a blank tape on fire. They where angry about this and pulled off my mail box. So I hit Danielle's car with an egg. I gave them the tape back. The next day we called a truce on vandalism on the prank war. Soon following I went to Lynn's house and put a for rent sign in her front yard and window .I then Preceded to hand out flyers everywhere. I did about 40.She's in Canada so she will have a surprise when she comes home .I then the next night went to Sam's house very early and built a brick wall around one of her tires. That was the last prank .

Chapter 3
I then the other day tried to pull a prank on Danielle but decide to do it during the day because it could compromise someone's safety if done at night. So the next day I went to her house and tried to wrap her house in fishing line. I unfortunately was caught. I ran and left the back gate open and tried to jump a fence. Then I herd her voice” She says don't jump in there that lady will call the cops".I looked at the other three sides of her fence the ones not shared with Danielle's yard and they all had barbed wire. Crazy old people with barbed wire should die. I then had no other choice but to run towards Danielle while she got me with the water gun. I ran for the bike I had hidden behind the tree in her front yard. It wasn't there I then started to walk down the street and tell Danielle I needed that bike back and then proceeded to try and bluff her out buy pretending calling the police and talking rather loudly. She fell for it. She was worried I was going to call the cops and then the worst happened. Her father came out. He says to me this.” I think its funny what you kids are doing" but its all funny until you go in my back yard and leave my gate open. That's my private property and I don't want you back there. My dog could get out.” I’m thinking to myself I looked for your dog and I would have closed it if you guys hadn't caught me. So then he preceded to tell me. “ok I want all of you guys that have been involved in this to clean Danielle's car on Saturday and if one of them doesn't show up I'm calling your parents".I think ok let him call, I'm going to talk to them when I get home. When I got home I made a little online cartoon declaring some mean things about Mr. Lopez, that he didn’t think was very funny. So I tell my parents the whole story and can you believe it they are on my side. They see the cartoon I made online and they thought it was funny. But I Removed as It hurt some people feelings and it wasn't funny to everyone. Danielle then informs me that my parents are to call her father within the hour or he is coming over. My parents surprise me again. They tell me were not calling him let him come over. So one hour later we get a Call and he talks to my mother. She informs him That I'm not washing her car and tells him the whole story. He is not completely happy but My mother ends the conversation with him agreeing that the Great Prank war is over and that's how it ends. One a side note though Saturday The day I Would have to clean her car. God Is cleaning it with one hell of a rain storm. And that was how I spent my spring break...well most of it.
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