I have such Great Friends. With all the stuff that's happened recently (if you are here and your reading this and have no idea what I am talking about welcome and how did you find my site cause you sure as hell aren't one of my friends.)I have decided to talk about all my friends that I can think of.What I am pretty much going to do is look at pictures and then write if I see you in one.

Andy Taley-Why did I have to see that .Your one of those crazy people that I hope I don't completely loose touch with. I ♥ you dude.

Lynn-You crazy Canadian when We all leave for school you better call me when you come back from Canada for visits .I don't really know what else to say to you thanx for being a great friend.

Adam-My little leprechaun you help us represent the Irish motherland and are just completely nuts but in a good way and not a weird pickles way.

Mary-We don't talk enough Mary we need to hang out cause I haven't really just hung with you since musical.Hit me up for a call.

Steph Selekman-Wow Steph I can't thank you enough for what you have done for me.You are a great person and I appreciate all the help you've given me recently.You should start charging for you services.Ill make you a little sign:The Doctor is IN

Dan Benevento-Part of the tripod and are one of those people I ♥ so much I consider Getting held back so I could graduate with you.

Ben-You Mexican, I ♥ you enough said.We need to hang more.

Steph Carpenter- Dude Steph What can I say about you Other than I will miss you when school out. I am never letting you get completely away from me.

Alyssa Adkins-I am going to miss you so much when you go to New York Defiantly going to have to visit.

Mandy-Wow your crazy, like on the verge of me wanting to call the police but its great to have met you I am going to miss you much.

Zack Asher-Man your a mess on big hot mess , and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Becca Chadwick- I Know you aren't very happy with me right now but I still ♥ you.You are such a great person.You make up for your size with your enormous personality and I really hope You start talking to me again because I miss being your friend.

Braum Katz-see Dan Benvento's entry same holds true here dude. Braum is one of my best friends ever and I ♥ the little dude.

Chuck Pierce-I Love this guy And I don't think I will ever be able to completely forget him, I really hope I ever want to.CX2

Sammie Witaker-Man I should have started talking to you a while ago.We are going be AA program buddies.(note: not alcoholics anonymous)

Mark-Dude your nuts and you make me look more sane by comparison.nuf said.

Ashley fisher-Going to be another one of my AA buddies your still a great person despite your car smelling funny.

Danielle lopez-Known you since the dawn of school and Its going to be weird to not see you there all the time.

Rosa-You shouldn't have dropped out of choral you should have just told her to try and not make you her piano player,I miss you already Rosa.

Shelly Berger-Despite My want to give you numerous nicknames and such I refrain myself sometimes. I'll miss you when school ends Shelly.

Lauren C.-Its hard to believe you live right up the street and we never played when we where little and such .A big mistake. Another great person.

Ann-always so nice much love,cj

Lauren W. I need to see you outside of like school sometime your fun to be around .

Demetry-DUDE you great I can't believe I didn't see your pictures till near the end,I ♥ you dude.

Kenney Waterfeild-dude I wish I knew you before senior year we have a lot of potential friend time we have to make up.we have to work extra hard to do so now.

DJ aka Doug Funny-I know you will never read this but we should chill your one of the few freshman I think are awesome.

Swiss miss-I ♥ you enough said right there.

If I forgot you please let me know I don't want to leave anybody out.