OK sometimes I have times when I want to make an update like Live journal style cause this site can be fun and a place to say things so in some updates there will be an option to view the Extend update which is what you are reading now.

So what to say actually I have a lot to say lets start at the begining.Hmm lets start with finishing school that's always a great subject wow I really never ,ever thought I would get here .I mean I knew I always would but its hard for me to actually accept that I am supposed to be an adult now and be grown up.Im out of high school and its weird. I've been expecting it to come for a while but it's weird now that its here.Im very happy about it but actually very sad.Few things have made me cry but Thursday night I let a few out standing outside Brandywine alone after the concert waiting for my dad I was looking at the school and I couldn't help it a few got out just a couple I felt very off in that place to know that I would never go back for classes and all the people i wouldn't see again. I haven't done that in a while .Anyway's I will really miss Brandywine as much as I said I hated school I really am going to miss it and everybody there that I only really talk to cause I go to school with them.OK pull yourself together, next subject. Prom .. Wow prom was amazing. I had ideas that prom was going be this awkward thing because of the Becca, Lynn date thing but it actually worked out. First off I got there and had to wait for Lynn.she must have been on Canadian time according to everyone there .They all had the same joke to say.Haha she must be on Canadian time.very funny up till like the 8th time.She got there and it all worked out the bus was fun.We arrived and I received many a complement on my suit .I wasn't about to go to prom in a normal suit that's for normal people and normal is so over rated.Well into the night I had a lot of fun with blaze and his bumper sticker Steph which is a joke I <3 you Steph. Everybody looked so good. And then it started God save Katie Nello,I really haven't been a real fan of hers until she decided to steal Becca's date .I was like hallelujah thank god you weird woman.That allowed me to dance with Becca more than the once that I was promised .I still did my duty and danced with Lynn and the crew a few times and even grabbed Lynn for the last here's to the night to close out the dance. I wouldn't call myself the best date in the world but she put up with it anyway's .I love you Lynn seriously I do I'm getting you a present.Then after much time I finally kissed Becca right at the end of prom before we left after that we got on a the bus and I took Becca home to change and did the same for myself.The off to after prom another god save moment. There after hanging out the whole time we went into the dance place and I don't remember his name asked Becca if she would dance with him I allowed her to because if she wanted to it was ok with me. She then came over and after neither of us saying it but both of us knowing it she had told him we where boy friend and girl friend and we became "official" finally.It was finally official no more problems or anything after that we all went and hit the G-spot.It was Dan and Shelly, Steph and Blaze, Adam and Samantha, and Becca and I.We were there for a while and enjoyed harassing our new friend am which we had met the night before. After that Sam went home but the rest of us went to a park to watch the sun rise.It was really nice.We actually met up with Dan and Shelly but not on purpose.It was awkward.But anyway's After everybody else left Becca and I hung out some more and then went back to my house to finally unwind.We tried to Watch ray but she quickly fell asleep for like the whole movie and I followed for about an hour. After that we chilled at my house and then Lauren came over for like 5 min's and then I took Becca home. A quick note on the Becca and me thing I'm tired of the comments on the Becca being shorter than me thing. yes I know its really apparent hell you could even be blind and quickly figure it out but hey I don't care.She, as much as I would like to think obviously didn't fall for me cause I'm "hot".I'm far from that but its ok cause she likes me for me and that's hard to find .I like Becca just the way she is. I don't mind that she's shorter.You know and I'm lucky as hell that she looks good cause I wasn't going surprise myself if I ended up with a butt ugly girl with a good personality but I just lucked out this time and found one with both.Its ok though cause I'm fine with how we look and unless you guys want to says its cute or something I don't want to hear it .I'm tired of the comments Do you think I haven't noticed it looks weird sometimes no I have and if you want to keep saying something about it just shut up I don't care ,fuck you I like her the way she is.Now that that's out of the way. I went to Halley's party and was part of the good kids club .I don't usually have opportunity's to drink but for some reason when they come up I don't want to. I guess I had to much on my mind or somthin.But otherwise I had fun with all the people there thinking that things where funny that weren't and with the sober people laughing at drunken antics. other than that not much else has happened I visited Becca a few times and we found out that she's allergic to something .I really do doubt anybody will read this whole thing but hey whatever it was fun writing it and I will be surprised if i hear form any of you guys.End score Me:1 Universe:0, Life is good right now.