Hey you wanna buy some death sticks?

My mother recently collected all of her smoking upc seals. These are the things on the bottom of a pack of cigarettes and the tobacco company's have decided to create catalogs to redeem these upc seals for things. my mother after tallying them up came up with 550 different upc's we decided to do some of the math if there is 20 cigarettes in each pack that means for those upc she smoked 11000 cigarettes this multiplied by 14 sec which is the average amount of life lost for each cigarette is 154000 seconds, which is 2566.6 minuets lost which is 106.9 days lost. Second do you know how much a pack of those cost, I asked my mother how much a carton of those "cigarettes" cost she answered me about 27 dollars so that 27 dollars for 12 packs.so that's $1237 for her cigarettes alone not counting my fathers I hate to think what his cost considering my mother is the light smoker of the two. An do you know what she gets for those

Those are some expensive coats.