Lynn a Citizen

OK this all started one-day with Adam and I he told me about this thing where anyone could tell him something that they would never do and then the person could come up with it. This is kind of that but we did it and Lynn gave us become an American citizen. Itís actually a lot harder than it sounds to do that one. And after forgetting and such I actually wrote one down. Lets hope it works. It goes like this.......

You decide to stay in the U.S. after high school because of your parentís location and you manage to find a college that is cheap and has a good program. You apply and are accepted. You enjoy your major and make friends with a girl that happens to share many classes with you and also lives in the same dorm down the hall. You end up being very good friends almost best friends. You just happen to have the same major (that's why you have so many classes together) so you spend time together helping each other with homework and decide that you would like to be roommates next year. That year goes over great and by some act of God you manage to pull that off for two more years college is so much fun on account of your new friend. You got a job in town that pays under the table and while that was fine in college you want to leave and not have to stay there. You talk to your friend and she mentions that her father is in the higher workings of a company that is in the area your interested in. Your original plan was to leave the country and move back to Canada but you are starting to reconsider that on the account of your new friends and this job opportunity. The job would allow you to step right up to the job you would like instead of doing deskwork for a few years. You decide it couldn't hurt to talk to her father. He likes you for some reason and decides to take a risk and give you a high paying job. You talk it over with him and the subject of your nationality comes up. You can't be hired at his company without becoming a citizen. He offers you the job anyway under the condition that you attend a citizen ship class that his company runs it is. Paid for by the company and only takes about an hour of week. And would be easy. You have either the choice of A. You take this job and do the citizen ship classes becoming a citizen. Or B go back to Canada and work your way up to the same position over a few years and leave your new friend in the USA only to talk through letters and such with the occasional visit.
What would you do? I think its good how about you? (Cough Lynn)