Name My car

Name My Car!

Hey and welcome to the name my car contest. I recently got this car and I'm very happy to have it.Its a green 1995 Buick park avenue and it needs a name. That's the picture of it up there.Ive decided its a boy, it's big, its a pain in the ass to park, and it smells sometimes its totally a boy car. I have already had a few ideas for a name.
It needs to fit some certain rules.
a.) I have to like your name submission (no pretty princess mobile even though that is funny)
b.)Its got to have some kind of reason behind it.
c.)um its has to be funny no extremely non-intelligent submissions.(There will be exceptions though)

Car name Ideas
The fluffy bunny car of doom
The land Yacht
The Shaggin Wagon(not literally)
Andrew the car

There are many ways to submit names all names suggestions can be :
a.) E-mailed to me at
b.)Sent to me in an IM also at Tacowarlord
c.) They can also be submitted on the message boards which you will find here
d.)And can finally be posted as a reply to this live journal update, make me use my fake LJ I hate you guys.
The Live journal

May I inform you people that if enough names are submitted the winner of said contest will probally get a prize. May also I inform you guys just one thing my car has tons of un-necessary buttons and lights just to make it look more expensive keep that in mind as you work.more pictures of the car are availiable at the bottom of the page.

Good Luck