Welcome to The Lodge family Christmas I just thought I would share some of it with you.

This is our Thanksgiving flower that B gave us, so we decorated if for the new holiday.

This is the most shitty Christmas tree ever. You may ask why are there so many things on it? They are there to cover up the giant hole in the tree from all of the needles falling out. The tree is shitty but Christmas wouldn't be the same without it. Also check out our Christmas tree topper.

This is Santos the Mexican Santa(The giver of gifts) who brings us mucho presents every year. Actually it was just a normal Santa we had that I put a sombrero on a few years ago and we haven't taken off.

This is our dancing Santa we actually have all gotten together as a family and sat around and done the same dance as the Santa. Ask any lodge and they can do the dancing Santa dance for you.

This is the snow man I made

Unfortunately we did not have a lot of snow.
Notice how classy we are with the ash tray and everything.

Merry Christmas