Disney Paws up and Paws down.
Hey guys I decided instead of just writing what happened on spring trip I would write a paws up and paws down list. A little different. You may notice that some things are on both sides, that's because there where good things and bad things on both sides of it so I just stuck them in the middle.Well enjoy.

Paws Up

Paws Down
Not being in school and being in Florida
Being in the Indiana Jones Stunt show
Counting waffle houses..again
Attacking cracker barrel at 6:00 am
Super strong Sun block
Chatting with Mrs. Selekman
Not getting wet on the river rapids
Tower of terror with everybody screaming -1
Senior night-The 8 track club and adventures club
Singing in the park
Mickey gloves
The Geo-sphere breaking down+Mickey gloves
Gay antics 05
Disney mirrors
Hanging with friends
Sleeping on a bus
Steph sitting in front of me
Looking like I was in the kkk in the stunt show
Space Mountain
Country bears
The shooting range
Not loosing friends over fights
Making Jeff Atomiseti uncomfortable (sorry for butchering your name.)
"Just put it on the Table"
Talking in half high pitch
It being warm there
Crazy Bus Drivers
Trying to eat in Downtown Disney in like an hour
Character breakfasts-that Japanese girl was quite a character
Mickey gloves
The Geo-sphere breaking down+Mickey gloves
Having no voices
Seeing to much of Andy Talley
Sleeping on a bus
Mrs Kennedy
Becca and I loosing Our park passes
Looking like I was in the kkk in the stunt show
waking up early
Lights out at like 11:00
Digital camera not charging well
The fight over food
The fight over walking in Epcot
The fight over Mickey gloves
Having our room right next to Mrs.Kennedy's
It being cold in the mourning's
Falling asleep during competition
Building up a tolerance to Nye-quill
Make up work
Gooffy Liveing in a house wile pluto has to live in a dog house.