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OK first Of all you Guys suck I just thought I should say that I go nowhere enough response for the car thing and thusly Its not getting a name now don't you feel stupid (unless of course you where one of the few people to say something you guys are cool).But otherwise I know I don't update enough but I managed to throw one together. We have a very funny video of Jr. In which will now be part of what I like to call Jr. Is a jack ass. And Some other fun things I threw together, Have fun Kids!

Jamie Is a Jackass Vol.3
The Wikipedia Game!
A very Serious statment to My friends at Nick Jr.

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IM back in Black

OK everybody I'm finally updating after getting a girl friend and working and such my free time that drives me insane started to disappear. I also had some tech problems stopping me form making half assed work but I worked on it and got an update together for everyone.Ill answer those age old questions can you eat 9 crackers in a minuet.Will you get fired for making threatening phone calls to people you work with.What should the name of my car be.You only have to ask to find out. Speaking of which let people know I'm naming my car id like to have as many name suggestions as possible. The more suggestions, the more the winning name will earn someone a prize. A cool prize. SO have fun surf around and let me know about the car thing.over and out

CAN you Eat 9 crackers in a min? watch them try.
Funny Prank phone call made by A Mr.Blaze berger

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Life is good right now.

I Had so much to talk about in an update that I had to be able to make and place to write it all so I have this thing don't bother going to it unless you really want to know what's going down in my life which actually isn't all that interesting.Its ok though I got some of the New prom Pictures up Speaking of which send me your pictures My camera died at prom.And I made a little museum of my favorite awful movies.This is very much a non-entertainment update with the exception of the museum. those are good times.

Veiw the extended update
The Bad Movie Museum
My Prom Pictures

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I Am going Nuts

This has been a time of questions and confusion.Like How big is too big for a scavenger hunt.And can you really not eat a table spoon of ground cinnamon finally those questions answered.we have a few more I got answered I am just having slight technical problems putting them online so here is what I have so far.

The Great Scavenger hunt
Can you Eat A table Spoon of cinnamon watch Jamie try.


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I Love you guys.

Ok everybody I am ready for another update. Disney was fun and I though I'd take a different approach on describing it so I made a paws up paws down list quite entertaining.Also I decided I have some of the best friends In the World so I Made a Ode to my Friends.Also I have all my pictures from disney uploaded they start on page 5 of the pictures but there is a link at the bottom to get you there a little quicker.And a special one time offer the Gay antics 05 commercial.Also I have a Picture that Ashley Gave me From the things she did with the pictures of our eyes you can see a here Enjoy everybody.

Disney Paws Up and Paws down
My Ode to my friends
Gay Antics 05
Disney Pictures


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It's a Small world after all.

This will be the last update before I leave on spring trip to Disney. I guarantee there will be more to say after that, well the only new thing right now is the results from the peeps eating contest.I also posted new peep pictures in the pictures section. I hope you guys enjoy it and sorry but there isn't any video of the event.The tape on the camera died right after interveiws.I am not going to post them unless you guys think I should, give me some feed back cause right now its not worth it. That's all for now I'll see everybody when we come back.

Peeps Contest 05'

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AHHH Peeps !!!

Yes its true I have 660 peeps sitting on my desk in preparation for the peeps eating contest Which will Be held on This Friday April 8th.At the park next to Brandywine.The contestants will include.
Dmitry "The Red" Kraznapolski
CJ "Syrup Stomach" Lodge
Dan "The Italian Stallion" Benevento
Andy "Litter Box Bandit" Talley
Braum "Magina" Katz
Zack "The Whelington Wobbler" Asher
Stephanie "IRON GUT" Carpenter
Danny "DeeGee of Fiji" Glavin
Kenny "Milk Man" Waterfeild

I woulden't miss this If I where you.

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Iiwy !!!

ATTENTION-Peep Off 05, Will be held This wends probally at the park contact either I Or braum Katz for information.

OK well The Great Prank war Has ended.And it ended Because of a parent but its ok I got to pull a lot of pranks before it ended.
Team Alpha(me)
Syrian Wrap Sammie's car and covered windows with ham
attempted Packing peanut rig
Re-forking with her own forks-Gnome smashed
Super soaker out window
booby trapped porch
burnt video tape
bucket of water to face
Egg hitting a car
attempted fishing line prank
Brick wall around tire
Lynn's house put up for rent
Team girls
forked my lawn
covered things with silly string
army men all over my yard
ripped off my mail box
caught me during fishing line prank
stole bike
dad yelled at me
I clearly dominated I even split up the one prank they did while keeping some of mine together.Its Easy To Declare a winner. ME!!You Can Veiw the Whole Story Here And to anyone yesterday that saw my post no It was an april fools joke.I just wanted to be able to find out how to program LJ's.Also I am slowly fixing the side bars so there is gonna be changes on the sides,such as the new Archive and Pictures link. One last Thing now you will be able to reply to any post From now on all post will have a respond which will bring you to the forum.Please let me know what you guys think.

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Ok guy ive Decided WTF I LIke Live Journals AND IM gonna start using one.My LJ -C.J.

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Welkom !!!

Hey guys CJ here and I have some new goodies.The musical is over and it will be my last big show at BHS. I really am going to miss it and everybody in it. I found myself looking through the program the other day for no reason,just reading one liners.That shows how randomly I am going to miss it.We went around the circle and had to talk for the last time it was pretty crazy people crying everywhere,wow what a crazy show we must all have grown really close this year.Well I have finally gotten around and have all the pictures from the show and casts party's/small get together at my house on Friday. Its quite a large amount of pictures. I also made a crossword its quite funny cause i don't have my old crossword book anymore unless i want to see my administrator.Hope you guys enjoy

BHS Musical pictures
The Word search


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Its me again and this is the update before the musical is ended I love the musical for many reasons then despise it for many others.Well I did some new things to help pass the time.Most were because I Felt the need to respond to the top ten reasons why I should have a singing career my check out the new things they are pretty funny. Another thing I have always wondered if anyone ever accualy goes here so voila a hit counter this should be intresting.Till the musicals over guys when ill have lots of stuff Ill check you, guys later.
P.S. His top 5 resons are in one of my lists.

My response to zach in The Top 10 reasons zach should have sex with the yellow pages.

Top Ten Cool things Happening recently

(while I'm doing top lists) Top 8 things I hate about the BHS musical

The Story of All You can Eat Fajita Night.

You Will Die at Age 61
You're pretty average when it comes to how you live... And how you'll die as well.

whew 44 years to terrorize the planet better get working.

You Are Pretty Logical
(You got 63% of the questions right)
You're a bit of a wizard when it comes to logic While you don't have perfect logic, you logic is pretty darn good Keep at it - you've got a lot of natural talent in this area!


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Akwaaba !!!3/12/04

Hey guys I did some stuff to fill the time definitely check them out for a quick read.Take my test everyone I want to see how well you guys do. I did a quick article about my mothers recent smoking addiction. I also did one called the Top 8 Things I HATE about the BHS musical. I am still working on some new content for you guys.Plus check out this quiz at the bottom here. No I'm not Jewish?(funniest response to one of these things yet) Anyway this is good bye for now guys.TAKE MY QUIZ!!!!!!

MY mothers Life Equal two coats?

Top 8 things I hate about the BHS musical

Take my Quiz on!

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What Are You Most Likely to Utter During Sex by UMAJohnnie
Most Likely to Say"Why no, I'm not Jewish."
Quiz created with MemeGen!


Yang shok !!!2/27/05

Hey guys more stuff to tantalize your brain cells such as a page to document the strange love between my cat and a humidifier I just recently got for my room. And I have also found a new live journal sell out Tom Barfoot. He should be interesting to check up on. Other than that nothing much new but we do have some new ideas, such as an Exxon documentry. Tell me what you think....Also I tried some of those quizy things I changed one thing in one of the things can you guess what is was?And may I thank Maddox for use of his chart.His website can be found here

Lynns B-day card worth checking out!!

I am worth $1,791,178.00 on

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Your Brain is 13.33% Female, 86.67% Male
You've got the brain of a manly man Feelings, schmeelings... tears aren't for you. You could break both legs and not get misty eyed. A great problem solver, nothing ever phases you.Your nuts are the size of basketballs

How big my nuts are chart.



Hey guys Big Update, I finally got the videos section done with the dance recital posted and edited.It has its own new section and should grow quite quickly. I also updated the new Asher-isms That spawned from a fun weekend at braums house. I am also looking for people intrested in becoming the live Journal Sell outs a few people would be nice.I fixed a few bugs and I still have more to do ILL get back and fix up some more stuff later.Till then later (P. S.) on a more personal note I hate dance practice and its not that I hate dancing its not all bad its the fact that it lasts forever is on Thursday and has now taken over vocal rehearsal WTF?We'll see how that turns out.

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I need help from my fellow computer peole.If You guys Know a place with at least 20 mgs of file storage place that will host my movies it would be great.But on another note no new updates cause I don't have a host for my files yet the web page is all written I just don't have the video server.You can find it if you can hack my account and look up the videos page and if you do wow good hob and please don't delete my work.On another note musical practice is going well and things are good guys .I need some new ideas I would like to make people be able to respond to this site but the message boards are apian in the ass to use so I am going to work on it till later people I hope I get some work done.

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Bienvenue!! 2/2/2005

Welcome back guys and boy do I have some new stuff .I have done a few things such as change the links one the side for a new and easier navigating system. I have added an "Asherism" section is very funny. I have also implemented a new archive update method which allows you to view past updates, which makes perfect sense . Another new and exciting thing was this recent snow storm,I braved the weather to journey to Philly for magic but it was worth it. Last but not least I have finally bough the rights to which will make it a lot easier then the whole having to remember long address thingy.Ill update soon when I have the Braum dance footage finished.

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Hello everybody welcome back I haven't really done much with the website lately a load of new stuff has happened links all work now I have updated "mads" to WonderBread and now I have some video from our most recent concert. I also added the much asked for me taping our vacation footage to the Fun Stuff section. ATTENTION:EGG NOG CHUG Footage now up in the Fun Stuff section!.Go check it out, it should be fun.
Acouncment-IM a ordaned Preist just look-Im a minister Go check it out it should be fun.

I already miss Christmas.:-(

IM deffinitly going to hell for this......