AYCE Fajita Night

What can I say about all you can eat Fajita nigh.ONly that Don Pablo's is a genius either that or a fool for giving me such a good deal.AT Don Pablo's they offer all you can eat Fajitas for only $11.49 sure that sound like a bit much.Only if you don't plan to make it worth it. I had Three different rounds of fajitas .And each round contained 3 different fajitas and sides.By the time I was done I had 9 Fajitas, 3 Sprits, all fajitas came with fixing's which I used each time, each with a side of Mexican rice and I had the one chip,and a little refried beans. And the funny thing was I had no reason to eat more but I could have.This is a call out to anyone who thinks they can challenge me to the Great Fajita contest of the gods. Below is my receipt which I removed the rest of the family's things to help show how many things I got.